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RFID Readers
RFID employs Radio Frequency Communications to exchange data between a portable memory device and a host computer or PLC. An RFID system typically consists of a "Tag/Label/PCB" containing data storage, an Antenna to communicate with the Tag, and a Controller to manage the communication between the Antenna and the PC or PLC (the terms Reader or Reader/Writer are used when the Antenna and Controller are combined in one housing).
Importantly, the Tag/Label/PCB is commonly attached to a product carrier, tote or even the product itself, providing a remote database that travels with the product.

Delta engineering systems offers the complete ranges of radio frequency identification devices, and includes read-only and read-and-write systems, both active and passive. These identification solutions are suitable for anything from harsh industrial applications to clean rooms,

RFID printers
In RFID applications, the direct thermal or thermal transfer printer equipped with a read/write module, is used to print a human readable label at the same time the data is stored to the RFID chip. In order to transfer data to the chip, the Avery Dennison RFID printer is fitted with a UHF read/write module and an antenna. The components of the RFID kit are factory-fitted and can also be retrofitted to existing 64-05 printers.